Cub Summer Camp 2004

2004 Summer Cub Camp took place on the Isle Of Wight at Corf Camp near Yarmouth. Traditionally Cub camps have been well attended and this year was no exception. We had 29 Cubs attending with 9 Leaders. To get around we hired 3 Mini Buses and a 7 tonne Truck for the gear. As you can see from the photos Corf was very picturesque with a tidal pool populated with all manner of bird and insect life not that the cubs had much time for sitting around watching. Activities ranged from Jousting at Carrisbrook Castle to a day on the Farm not to mention Abseiling and shopping trips in Yarmouth and Cowes to spend their pocket money! Check out the photo of Tom and Adam in the trek cart. I told them that discipline would be harsh! Weather? well yes we had weather all right I blame Graham (the Bopit King). Sunday was about the warmest so we went swimming at Colwell Bay. Let’s just say that after that the weather tested us and our tents… most nights! A big hello to all that were there and if you wern’t there is always next year. Mike Payen C.S.L.

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